Anjay Sharma

Asia Pacific Realty Summit

Asia Pacific Realty Summit is an annual celebration which is conducted by WBR Corp to recognize the efforts of real estate leaders that has contributed towards this industry from past many years. We provide a national platform to both emerging as well as established real estate brands to come and make their own position in this realm. This global opportunity helps various organizations to come forward and participate to get exposure in the industry. In these awards, realty leaders, property dealers and consultants can participate. We provide a huge platform to these participants who can actually make different in reality industry.

Asia Pacific Realty Summit is going to be organized by WBR Corp in May 2018 so as to provide global recognition to the participants and winners as well. It will not only help you to improve the brand value of the organization but also help to mark a distinct position in the industry. These awards also improve the credibility of participated brands because they are selected after thorough research ensuring no scope of bias. We provide a token of credibility to winning brands in form of award which actually matters to establish a strong foothold in the industry. The past ceremonies of WBR Corp were huge success and gained enormous appreciation for the conduct. Participant will definitely feel privileged after receiving award from this Realty Summit. The summit will be embedded with real estate leaders for felicitating the winners and will be organized in five star properties to give a luxurious experience to our valuable patrons.

Benefits of participating Asia Pacific Realty Summit:

 Nationwide Recognition

This Summit provides nationwide recognition to both participated and winning brands by honoring them with awards. The participated individuals and organizations also get various branding benefits. It will help you and your brand to be known by most of the audience.

 Networking Opportunity

Most of the companies and individuals participate in award ceremonies for networking purpose. Asia Pacific Realty Summit will be glorious event and will be surrounded by real stars of this realty industry.

 Brand Improvement

This summit helps to participate and winning brands to improve their brand image among the customers. As we certify the quality of your organization for offering the best in the industry it will definitely affect your brand name.


WBR Corp Asia Pacific Realty Summit will provide excellent credibility to your brand because people can easily rely on the award-winning brands as they are aware of the selecting process.

 Media Coverage

Apart from branding and recognition, we also provide media coverage which helps you and your organization to get nationwide exposure in the industry. Your interview bytes and award taking pictures usually get published in the reputed channels and newspapers etc.

 Motivation and Employee Satisfaction

Winning in Asia Pacific Realty Summit is a great achievement and will motivate you and your team to do even better. It also helps employees to get satisfaction as their contribution helped the company to win.

The above benefits are enough to understand the importance of participating in this Summit. It will help in transforming the mere individual or organization into the reputed brand. One can easily participate in Asia Pacific Realty Summit by simply filling a nomination for basic documentation and research process and then further follow the entire process.

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